With this policy we aim to inform you how we at (Photo Media Ltd, UIC 130459900, with registered office and address at Sofia, 1, Pet Mogili Str.), as a personal data administratoр process your data in the process of our relationship with the use of the services on our websites.

What kind of information we collect from you:
- Name
- Contact information, including email address
- User name on Photo Forum (, if available
- Name of the photographic project
- Photographs
- Phone number
- Avatar (photo of the participant)
- Other information relevant to customer inquiries

The team does not collect and will not collect sensitive personal information about you, namely religious and ethnic affiliation, political opinions, health condition, and sexual orientation.

What we need this information for:
- to sign up for the site, create your current account, and manage the projects you take part in the contests with, as well as the awards you can receive
- to help you make a transaction
- to provide you with support
- to be able to connect you if you have a profile in a Photo Forum or other projects of ours, and to mark your achievements in competitions, exhibitions and more
- to submit your projects to the jury to choose amongst them the winners of the contest
- for advertising and marketing, including profitable marketing purposes

How we use cookies?
We use cookies on the site to offer you better personalized service. The data stored by the Cookies that the website uses do not contain personal information from which the identity of an individual can be verified.

A cookie is a packet of information sent from a web server to an Internet browser, and then returned by the browser every time it gets accessed to that server. It is stored and/or read from your browser on the hard drive /flash drive of your device (such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) from the websites you visit. Cookies make it easy for you to work with web sites because they store your preferences such as the latest language used, the latest products reviewed, and other helpful information.

Almost all modern browsers are able to allow or disable the use of cookies. The user can usually choose a type of setting. If you use a browser that does not have this option, it is at your own risk and you can change it at any time.

In some cases, we require your consent to use the site using cookies by sending a Cookies message displayed on our pages.

What types of cookies we can use on the website? We will try to put them in groups according to functionality.
- Required cookies - these are cookies that allow you to browse the website and use its basic features, such as signing in to your account. These cookies are usually installed in response to your actions that are a service request. Without these Cookies you will not be able to use some features.

- Cookies that facilitate functionality - this type of cookies memorize some of your preferences and allows us to offer them to you the next time without the need to re-select them Such preferences are the latest language used, how to view our gallery, or a keyboard assistant writing option of comments. So the information gathered is anonymous and cannot identify you. This information can also not be used by other websites. The validity of these Cookies is no more than 1 year, and in most cases is much shorter.

- Cookies for analysis - a similar type of cookies allow us to analyze how the website is used. The information we can collect is related to the frequency of use of a web page or to determine which page is most visited, how long it takes for you to write a comment, etc. This helps us improve our website and make it easier for you to use it.

- Ads management cookies - they record your visit to the site, the types of pages and links you follow. They help us limit the number of times some ads are shown, so we do not overwhelm you with the same inexpensive information. They show us efficiency. For the purposes listed, we may share this information with third parties (our advertisers). To use these cookies, we need your consent. You can manage your Cookies preferences for advertising or targeting at any time using your browser settings. The validity period of these Cookies is no more than 1 year.

- Social media cookies or analysis tools help you share content more easily or measure how the site is used, but these cookies are not under our control.

If we start using another type of cookie in the future, we will inform you about this change in the policy.

You need to have in mind that we use tools and services from exterior organizations (third parties) so we can learn and analyze how you use our website, optimize its work, make it more competitive while reducing costs.

You may withdraw your consent for the use of Cookies at any time, and this can be done through the following ways. To delete cookies stored on your device or to change the preferences of your internet browser related to cookies, you need to go to your browser's Setup Tabs and find the corresponding option. In the most popular browsers, these settings are a sub menu option called Options, Tools, or Preferences. These names depend on the language of the browser interface. For more information go to the Internet for information material or visit the browser manufacturer's site.

Control of your personal data
We will not sell, distribute or rent your personal data to third parties unless we have your permission or we are legally required to do so. You can ask for detailed information about the personal data we have for you. If you want a copy of this information stored by us, please write to us using the contact information provided on the site.

Links to other sites pages may contain links and references to multiple external sites that do not comply with our Privacy Policy. Please find information about policies when you come across such websites because we have no control over them. We are not responsible for the policies and practices of foreign companies.

Your rights in relation to the processing of your personal data are as follows::
- Request a confirmation from us whether we process or not your personal information
- Ask us for a copy of the personal data we have collected for you
- Request to edit your data
- Ask us to delete your personal data we have collected - The right to be forgotten
- Portability - request that you submit some of your data in a publicly accessible computer-readable format
- You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data
- You have the right to withdraw consent already granted for the processing of your personal data

Storing your personal data
We store your personal data in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

How long we store your personal data?
We protect your personal data only as much as it is required by our storage policy and for no longer than it is necessary to meet the objectives listed in these policies or under applicable law, including compliance with the applicable legal regulations on minimum storage periods in terms of the fulfillment of legal, accounting or reporting requirements and / or, if necessary, the exercise of our legitimate rights (and those of third parties).
You need to have in mind that we can process all your personal data that are anonymized without further notice. When processing your personal data by consent, it will be only for the period for which your consent was given unless you have withdrawn or restricted your consent before the expiration of that period. In such cases we will discontinue the processing of the referred personal data for the relevant purposes while complying with legal obligations regarding the processing of personal data and / or obligations arising from the need of processing such personal data in order to fulfill our legitimate rights (including those of third parties).

Personal Data Protection
The personal data you provide us is stored on our office servers and our servers hosted by third parties. We try to keep to up-to-date technologies and ways of access control in order to prevent unauthorized access to information. You are responsible for the protection of any means you certify to us, such as passwords. We do not store your passwords in an open form, but only in encrypted one and even our employees cannot use them. We use secured data transmission channels, but risks always exist. Transmission is at your own risk. Once we receive the data we will do our best to protect them and restrict access to them.